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Each Year Gym-Minis receives loads of lovely letters from parents...here are just a few.

"To all you lovely ladies at Gym-Minis, I want to say a Big, Big Thank-you to each and every one of you. Both my children; Laura (now 7 1/2 years old) and Robert have spent many happy hours taking part in the Gym-Minis activities. As a mum who has watched them both play, laugh and climb like mad, I have many special memories. Thank you for those memories."

"To all the girls at Gym-Minis. Thank you for making my time at Gym-Minis such an enjoyable, fun experience. I'm sure I will have very happy first memories of my time spent with you all."

"To all the Gym-Minis Ladies, Thank you so much for all the wonderful Wednesday mornings we have had at Gym-Minis. We shall miss you all."

"Thank you all for a wonderful, fun Gym-Minis time. We have so enjoyed our time with you. Gym-Minis has benefitted her in so many ways - confidence, agility, coping with noise and large groups of children, discipline, to name a few! We will miss you!"

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